Frequently Asked Questions

Is Real International crypto Network(RICN) Token Minable?

No, Its Not Minable Token.

Are RICN is ERC20 Compatible?

Yes, RICN is ERC20 Compatible Tokens.

What is the Type of Real International Crypto Network(RICN) Token?

ERC20 utility Token.

What Is Real International Crypto Network(RICN) Token Platform?

RICN Token Platform is ETH (Ethereum).

Where Can I Store My (RICN) Tokens?

RICN tokens can be stored in any ERC20 compatible wallet like myEtherwallet, metamask or ImToken.

Exchange listing-RICN will be listed on which exchangers?

we will listing our Real International Crypto network(RICN) Token as soon as possible when ends our ICO. we will listing RICN our Targeted Exchangers (see on home page or whitepaper).

How Many Cryptocurrencies Accept for payments?

Accepted cryptocurrencies for RICN Buy in ICO : BTC,LTC,ETH,BCH,USDC,Doge

What happens to unsold tokens after ICO Sale?

All Unsold tokens & Unused Token Burn Q2 2020

How to add RICN in & others wallets?

Open your Wallets & Click on Add/Custom Tokens.
RICN Contract Address: 0x39da2beb5db249128a73ed1377b45605814340af
Token Symbol: RICN
Decimals: 18

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