Real International Crypto Network (RICN) Started a New Feature to get RICN Tokens Just like free, but its not totally free its some costly.

Join Instant Drops & Get Upto 2000$+ Bonus

How To Get RICN?

Send your Eth to our Smart Contract Address
Gas Limit : Use Gas Limit (Faster or normal) to get Instantly RICN Tokens in your sending wallet address.

Send Minimum 0.01ETH & Get 5000 RICN (including Bonus) instantly.
Send Minimum 2ETH & Get Extra (2000$+ bonus) worth of RICN .

Note: Don't use Gas Limit lower than 70000 Gwei.

Instant Drop Events Rules

## Must send your ETH from ERC20 Compatible wallets like (, Metamask, Imtoken etc).

## You can send your ETHEREUM 5 (Max) Times from one ERC20 address to our Smart Contract Address.

## Dont send Less than 0.01ETH to our Smart Contract Address (0x39da2beb5db249128a73ed1377b45605814340af).

## Dont send more than 5 times from same wallet address.

## Dont Send More Than 5ETH per Transactions.

## Dont Send your Eth from (exchanger sites or Exchanger wallets).

Note: if you send from (exchanger sites or Exchanger wallets) you will Lost your ETH we cant refund it.

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